Lively-Fulcher Organ

Christ Church Cathedral boasts one of the finest pipe organs in the United States. Many years of discussion, design, remodeling, and site preparation went into the acquisition of this glorious new instrument, built by the Lively-Fulcher organ- building firm, based in Washington, D.C., and delivered to the Cathedral in June of 2003.

Lively-Fulcher was chosen because of their superb craftsmanship, their skill in tonal voicing, and their incredible devotion to achieving the best instrument possible for our cathedral space, as well as their overall ability to craft an instrument capable of meeting our worship and artistic needs. The instrument was installed in the cathedral during the two-week period preceding Easter 2003, and the voicing process was completed in early July. During this process every pipe was given individual attention and adjustment so that it would speak to its optimum beauty in our acoustical space.

The Great Organ, housed in the balcony, consists of 57 stops, 60 ranks, 3,370 pipes. It is playable from the amphitheatre console and is made up of three keyboards and pedal. The organ is voiced to produce a broad, warm and enveloping sound. The softest flutes tickle your ears, the strings and foundation stops embrace you, while the trumpets and tuba thrill you with their blazing, emphatic power.

This instrument is called upon to serve many different purposes. It has all the sounds and tonal colors necessary for the Cathedral organists to lead congregational singing with a great deal of variety, as well as to play the great Anglican choral accompaniments. Organ literature from many different countries, spanning several centuries can be played with authenticity on this magnificent instrument, whether it be organ music of the North German School (Bach and Buxtehude), the French Classic School, or from the great French Organ Symphonists, (Vierne or Widor) up to modern organ compositions of the 21st century.

This stunning instrument enlivens the musical life of our worship community as well as that of the Nashville arts community. It is a thrill to play and hear. Recitalists come to concertize from far and wide. The Christ Church Cathedral congregation is extremely proud of this addition to the life of the cathedral and the opportunities it presents for us to share this musical treasure with the wider community.


 Organ Specifications:

Lively-Fulcher Specs 2.png