Spring 2017 Update

Christ Church has been busy!  Moving our parish through the first phase of the Strategic Plan continues. Here is the latest news:

  • Sound System: New speakers were installed throughout the Nave: at the front, along the sides, in the chancel, and in the chapel. But a sound system is more than new speakers. New amplifiers, a signal processor, and soundboard have also been added. It will take a number of weeks to get microphones and speakers fine-tuned. Over the summer, new mics will be hung from the ceiling to better capture the organ and choir. The old speaker spaces in the front wall of the Nave will be filled in and painted. 
  • Capital Campaign Developmental Study:  Various components of the Strategic Plan will require additional funding apart from our annual pledge drives. A Developmental Study is underway to determine whether the capital needs outlined in the Strategic Plan can be realized. We have engaged American City Bureau to conduct the study for us. A preliminary report will be available in June.
  • International Partnership: Look for filmed updates, via Facebook, from the Rev. Matthew Lewis and others, who recently traveled to Boc Banique, Haiti to visit the elementary school started by Pere Noé Bernier. As you may recall, our Easter offering was designated for the school.
  • Pictorial Directory: Lifetouch Photographers completed their sessions on May 4.
Desaree Welch