Strategic Planning Timeline

Vestry Retreat
• Appoint Implementation Chair and Committee
• Vestry charge to Implementation Committee completed
• Review Strategic Plan short- and long-term priorities and develop charge to Commissions
• Campus detail/draft Master Plan reviewed and approved (this is needed for Developmental Study)

March 2017
• Readiness Survey completed
• Staff implications identified
• Staff implications reviewed by Vestry and Implementation Committee
• Facilities Assessment and budget impact completed
• Commissions review Strategic Plan short- and long-term needs
• Plans implemented where appropriate

June 2017
• Developmental Study completed and reviewed by Vestry
• Capital Campaign Chair and Committee appointed

September 2017
• Plan for Capital Campaign finalized
• Commissions finalize plan and budget needs for long-term strategic planning priorities. Needs inputted into 2018 budget process
• Campus Master Plan and capital requirements finalized

December 2017
• Implementation Chair and Committee prepare end of year update and report for Annual Meeting

February 2018
• Implementation Committee report to Vestry at Retreat and plan for 2018 Capital Campaign kick-off

June 2018
• Implementation Committee final report to Vestry

Strategic Plan Updates