Journey in Faith

At its most basic, Journey in Faith is an offering designed to help all of us imagine how we can more fully share in the mission of God. Specifically, it provides an occasion for study, service, and community formation among those who seek Baptism as an adult, who are coming to The Episcopal Church from another Christian tradition, or who are already Episcopalians but desire to be refreshed and renewed in the faith or to be involved in this parish more fully.

How does this happen? Over eighteen Wednesdays between October and the Easter Vigil, we will gather for a time of instruction – usually about fifty minutes – followed by thirty minutes of small group discussion facilitated by a lay leader of the Cathedral. Instruction begins at the widest possible angle and incrementally moves to a more particular focus. We begin by examining God’s plan for salvation, then consider how that has been received and understood by Anglicans historically and globally, then by Episcopalians in our own national context. Eventually, we describe how it is lived out locally at Christ Church Cathedral and how individual members share in God’s mission. Finally, we will consider our Baptismal vows: how they shape and give rise to our individual callings to take our part in God’s saving work.

Throughout, participants will be reflecting in small groups on what they are learning and introduced to spiritual practices that will nurture their faith and further their discernment. Likewise, they will be paired with a member of the Cathedral community who can guide them, pray for them, and serve as a resource. Finally, participants will be invited to sample ministries of the Cathedral, trying their hand at various ways in which the Cathedral “proclaims by word and example the Good News of God in Christ.”

All this culminates in the Easter Vigil, where participants will, in their various ways, receive the Holy Spirit at the Bishop’s hands, empowering them to “confess the faith of Christ crucified, proclaim his resurrection, and share with [the Body of Christ] in his eternal priesthood.”

Yet, this culmination is not an end, but a beginning. Journey in Faith is designed to capture and ignite the imagination, so that the Gospel can more fully pattern our lives, individually and collectively. It is the prayer of the Cathedral clergy that all those who participate – young and old, newcomers and cradle Episcopalians – will be renewed by this offering and strengthened to engage in the mission and ministry of Christ Church Cathedral afresh.

For more information — or to register your interest for the coming year — please write to Dean Kimbrough.

For current JIF participants who would like to listen to past classes click here.

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“The Basics” miniseries

Are you interested in learning more about the basics of Christian belief and practice as manifested in the Episcopal Church? Join us for a new four-week Journey In Faith "miniseries" of classes. This is a great way to be introduced to the Episcopal world for the first time as a newcomer or, for long-time Episcopalians, to be re-immersed in the mysteries of the faith!

Beginning May 15 at 6 p.m.
Diocesan House
3700 Woodmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37215

Contact the Reverend Matthew Lewis for more information.