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CGS Monthly Highlights - September

Here are some highlights of the Scripture, Prayer /Liturgy, and song work that we experience in the different atria by Level in September:

Level I
3-6 year olds (through 1st grade)

One of the very first presentations that the children received was titled Introduction to the Bible in the Prayer Corner. The Bible delivers the Word of God and we can receive it in any place, but especially in the prayer corner in the atrium, setting a tone of reverence and joy.

The liturgical colors remind us that all times and seasons belong to God. The colors tell us where in the year we are, and how to celebrate God’s ongoing work of salvation.

Learning our friends’ names and knowing that they too are beloved by God leads to singing the song “Jesus, Jesus loves____” which is on the CD Sing with Joy and on page 15 of the songbook by the same name.

Level II
6-9 year olds (1st-3rd grades)

This month the Books of the BIble in II-A is a presentation that helps us to better understand that the Bible is the Word of God. It tells us about God’s Kingdom and His interacting with His creation.

In Books of the BIble in II-B the parables that address the value of the kingdom (Matthew 13:44-46) are synthesized.

In Books of the BIble in II-C the children use their bibles to find the parable and see what other parables were placed nearby.

Understanding the Liturgy helps us to worship more fully. In Level I the children were introduced to the items found on and near the altar. With increased dexterity and cognisance they can put together the disparate pieces into an altar pasting in atrium II-A.

That material is reviewed as articles of the Eucharist and are put together with the gestures in II-B.

Epiclesis, doxology/offering and the peace are terms you will hear from the children. All of this material leads to a synthesis of the Eucharist.

In II-C we delved deeper and focused solely on The Lord’s Prayer.

Level III
9-12 year olds (4th - 6th grades)

The Plan of God is as big a work as its title implies. This is a work that lets us go from the cosmic to the individual and it can be as wide a conversation as it is deep. Each room begins the program year with this work, but at different places and with levels of understanding and development. 

We use the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and numerous other resources for deeper inquiry. Some key concepts that are Scriptural and Liturgical naturally lead to prayer and praise. The history of salvation began with the creation. It continues through the history and people of the Old Testament and their communities. It culminates with redemption in the gift of God’s own son, Jesus Christ and his birth, death, and resurrection. Scripture and our own experience, make clear that this work of salvation is not yet completed. It continues in each of us, our communities and our world. The sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist help us to hear Christ speaking in our world today.  We are all called to work towards the fulfillment of God’s plan for us, His creation.

Caroline Bauerschmidt
Director of Children’s Ministries