Episcopal Church Launches "Pledge to Care for Creation" Campaign

The Episcopal Church is encouraging its members to make a written pledge to take action to care for the environment. The Pledge to Care for Creation campaign, which launched on March 29 and runs through Easter Sunday, April 21, has a goal of collecting at least 1,000 pledges before Earth Day, Monday, April 22.

Under Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the church is emphasizing its role in promoting a “loving, liberating, life-giving relationship with God” through creation care, as part of the Jesus Movement.

The online Pledge to Care for Creation features three parts. Participants are asked to submit one example under “Loving” of how they will share their love of God’s creation with others; a second example under “Liberating” of how they will stand with those most vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation and climate change; and a final example under “Life-Giving” of individual actions they intend to take to live more simply, humbly, and gently on the Earth. Each part offers ideas for pledges to make.

General Convention in 2015 identified creation care as one of the church’s three top priorities, along with racial reconciliation and evangelism. In 2018, General Convention passed 19 environmental resolutions, including support for a national carbon tax, carbon offsets for church-related travel, ocean health, and Episcopalians’ continued participation in the Paris Agreement.

“We hope people understand this is more than adding your signature to a petition,” the Reverend Melanie Mullen, director of reconciliation, justice and creation care, said in a press release announcing the campaign. “Think about what you love in God’s Creation, where your heart breaks over environmental injustice, and how you’d like to simplify your life.”

San Joaquin Bishop David Rice sees this campaign as a beginning, not as an end in itself. “This is about behavioral modification,” Rice said. “I think people are becoming increasingly aware of what’s at stake here.”

To view a video message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry about the Episcopal Church’s vision for creation care, click here.

Dianne Green