“As if a Christian could exist without the Eucharist, or the Eucharist be celebrated without a Christian! Don’t you know that a Christian is constituted by the Eucharist, and the Eucharist by a Christian?” from The Acts of St. Saturninus and Companions

The Holy Eucharist (sometimes called Holy Communion, the Mass, or the Lord’s Supper) is the principal act of Christian worship on the Lord’s Day. In it, the congregation hears and responds to the Word of God and receives forgiveness, nourishment, and strength by the Real Presence of our Lord in the Sacrament. The leader of worship (often called the “Celebrant”) in a Christian assembly is normally a bishop or priest. The Episcopal Church invites visitors baptized in any Christian tradition to share the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion. If you are not baptized, but would like to be, please speak to a member of the clergy.

At Christ Church Cathedral, the Holy Eucharist is celebrated each weekday at 12:15 p.m. in the Chapel and at each Sunday service.