“Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, “I came as a guest, and you received Me” (Matt. 25:35). And to all let due honor be shown, especially to the household of the faith and to pilgrims.” – from The Rule of St. Benedict

Peace and welcome to you! Christ Church, an Episcopal Church in the heart of Nashville, is the seat of the Bishop of Tennessee and a vibrant parish eager to welcome guests, visitors, and newcomers. You – visitors and residents of Nashville – are daily in our prayers.

If you are new to Nashville, new to The Episcopal Church, or new to both, please take a moment and register your interest in Christ Church Cathedral here. In addition, spend some time on the website to learn about the mission and vision of the Cathedral congregation, the Cathedral’s clergy, contact information, major events over the next few months, and the worshipping schedule.

If you worship with us, you will be most welcome. Anyone sitting near you will be happy to answer questions about worship at Christ Church Cathedral and opportunities for fellowship, education, and servant ministry.


Christ Church Cathedral Nashville Tennessee Visitors Brochure