Pastoral Care

All members of the Christ Church Cathedral community have access to guidance, support, pastoral care, and sacramental ministry during times of sickness, need, or transition; both from the clergy and from others in the community. As the body of Christ, we are called to “bear one another’s burdens as we share in the ministry of the apostles’ teaching and fellowship”. To learn about care for those in emotional and spiritual need, ministries for the homebound, and healing ministries, please contact the Reverend Matthew Lewis.

Healing Ministry Committee

Healing Ministry provides support to parishioners in times of crisis, illness and/oz transition through Prayer, the Laying on of Hands, and Anointing. On Sunday mornings during the 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. liturgies, members of the clergy and lay healing ministers assist parishioners who come into the chapel seeking prayer for the healing of body, mind and spirit and for the ability to manage peacefully life’s many sufferings. For more information, contact Melinda Balser.

Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee responds to the needs of families who have lost a loved one. This involves greeting guests as well as providing refreshments for the visitations and receptions held before and after a funeral. Contact Gloria Graves.

Order of the Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King is a religious order, founded in 1885. Its purpose is to support and assist members of the church and its mission through prayer and by granting scholarships to women for religious education. Contact Roslyn Bordain.

Parish Visitors Committee

Parish Visitors meet with fellow parishioners who are unable to attend the Sunday liturgies or other parish activities. The visitor extends fellowship by sharing God’s love through presence and prayer to parish family members who may be homebound, hospitalized, or in long-term care facilities. For more information, contact Stephen Nelson.

Feed My Sheep Committee

The Feed My Sheep Ministry provides comfort through meals for parishioners (or immediate family members) who have recently been discharged from the hospital, are experiencing a crisis, or have had a death in the family. Contact Sarah Burchett, Marie Yeagle, or Susan Hudson.

Guild of the Christ Child

This group provides support for families who are expecting a child through birth or adoption. Notes, a meal, and a hand-knit blanket are provided to families who are blessed with the arrival of a child. For more information, contact Lisa DiScenza.

Grief Booklets Committee

When a parishioner loses a loved one, a personal note along with a series of grief booklets are sent to a bereaved over the course of the first year of loss. For more information, contact Ellen Hackney.

Helping Hands Committee

Helping Hands provides one-time assistance to members of the parish who need help with minor jobs such as moving a few boxes or changing a light bulb that is out of reach. Contact Don Dawson for more information.

Jesse Tree Committee

Each year on the fourth Saturday of Advent, parishioners gather in the Parish Hall for a time of fellowship before going out in small groups to share the love of Christ with those who are unable to attend weekly worship and parish activities. Each person visited is given a decorated Jesse Tree and a prayer card, as the groups sings a Christmas carol or two. For information, contact the Reverend Matthew Lewis.

Paws and Claws Ministry

Our pets aren’t just animals; often they’re beloved companions and members of our families. When a pet gets sick, dies, or has to be mercifully put down, it can be a major event in the lives of those who love them.  It can be a blessing to have someone to talk to during those times.  If  you or someone you know needs to meet or talk, contact Br. Russell Peter Gallagher or the Reverend Matthew Lewis.