About Christ Church Cathedral Nashville

Our vision is to be a welcoming place; a stronghold of Christian faith; a model of service in our community and diocese in liturgy, spiritual formation, education, outreach, stewardship, pastoral care and a parish willing to take risks in pursuing our Mission.

We live this mission by welcoming and including all. We are a community of communities, a large congregation with a place for everyone. We strive to include children and youth in all aspects of our life. We care for one another and also reach out to others who are in need. We are a house of prayer for all people. We are a place for questions and rediscovery, for stillness and growth.

The spiritual home for more than two thousand men, women and children, Christ Church Cathedral plays an active role in the lives of its members, its community, its diocese and the world at large. As a Cathedral, Christ Church is the seat of the Bishop of Tennessee. The Cathedral is also a church for the city of Nashville, a home for Episcopalians throughout the state, a leading congregation of the Episcopal Church and an active participant in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Christ Church Cathedral is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The front doors of the Cathedral are open for major worship services only. At other times, the entrance to the building is through the door overlooking the Cathedral parking lot.

Downtown Nashville could not be a more appropriate location to carry out our mission. Christ Church Cathedral has been and is a parish in the middle of things. We are the geographic center of the Diocese of Tennessee. We are located in the center of downtown Nashville, with all the responsibilities and problems that represents, yet our doors are open daily, and our facilities are widely used by the community. We have been a catalyst and home for many organizations, spiritual and secular. Our parish has a deep history of diocesan and community involvement that continues to this day, and we have willingly accepted this role.

However, Christ Church Cathedral is more than a community presence. It is home to a diverse group of parishioners representing the gamut of spiritual practice, economic resources, and political and social thought. Our parish is composed of individuals and families who reside not only in Nashville proper, but who also live in various communities and work in a range of careers scattered throughout Middle Tennessee. This parish, like any family, has its joys and its challenges. We have worked to carry out our Christian commitment to one another in the same way we have worked with the community outside our doors: by offering a worship program and activities centered in the knowledge and love of Christ.

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